Meet the Builder

TradeMark Acquisitions—along with its sister company TradeMark Contractors—have combined to bring the Laurentide Glen project to life. TradeMark Acquisitions is a local real estate owner and land development company located right here in Bristol, Connecticut. 

TradeMark Contractors is a construction company that specializes in infrastructure and home construction. TradeMark has been in business for over 20 years and has completed hundreds of projects in the central Connecticut region for municipalities and private owners.

At Laurentide Glen, we understand the time and effort that it takes to find a house and make it a home. We take pride in guiding every single one of our clients through the process of building the perfect home for them at Laurentide Glen. With focused attention to detail and consistent communication with our team members, we ensure that the home-building process is seamless and smooth, and the end result is a home that will last a lifetime.